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Default Re: oh shit, i cant stop drinking.

Ya everyones been there hun
like matt said you can still have fun without it getting to that point
when you start to feel happy/giggly just stop for a bit
I STRONGLY suggest a timmys run before you start cause dough absorbs alcohol in ur tummy and then releases it slowly
munch on them while ur drinking
A) timmys mmmmmm
B) they'll help to keep you from getting to drunk

as for the morning after just drink allot of water before you go to sleep and take some tylenol
if the rooms spinning put to tv on ststic lay on the couch and plant one foot on the floor

push comes to shove an IV of simple saline and you'll feel great in no time
my bro in-laws an EMT he hooked me up when I was bad once

the alcohols just a tool
it relaxes you
your friends are where the fun comes from
not the bottle

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