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Default Re: Post ALL Masturbation Questions / Techniques / Discussion HERE

Originally Posted by countrygeek View Post
I guess I'll start all over and explain this more clearly. Going back and reading I guess I left a few things out.

1. I begin to masturbate, y'know friction and all that.. *blushes*
2. Soon, it will feel like it's going to masturbate. Sometimes I stop here because I'm afraid of masturbating 'all over', and sometimes I keep going.
Masturbating "all over"? Do you mean ejaculating all over, or something?

Originally Posted by countrygeek View Post
3. Once it starts to ejaculate, it like tenses up. Then it does a couple spasms and releases (which I guess is where the term "spit" comes from - sorry new to this slang and stuff).
Pleasurable spasms, right?

Originally Posted by countrygeek View Post
4. Then maybe 75% of the time it will be sore after (which as you said is normal) and maybe a quarter of those times it will sting only at the very tip of the penis. Then it like dribbles for about 5 minutes...
Oh, OK, that sounds pretty normal. Is the stinging really painful? If it's dull and slight, it's probably just irritation of some type.

Originally Posted by countrygeek View Post
I assume the tensing up and dribbling is because I'm scared for whatever reason to just 'let it go'. Or is that normal? Not sure. Anyways, I sent you a PM, Dolphus, in case you don't notice... Thanks to whoever has responded, as you can imagine I'm a little nervous about all of this.
Voluntary tensing if you don't want to freely release is normal, yep. The only cure is to not tense up - that's psychological.

Hope I'm helping.


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