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Default Re: schizophrenia??

Something about this doesn't add up for me - and I'm sorry for being suspicious if you're not lying.. But I don't know if the mind would add dead people + climbing walls = you not instantly freaking out, much less staring at them. But here are some things to check:

1. Genetics - Ask your parents if they had schizophrenia. Secondly, about 40% are substance abusers, which could also lie in genetics. Lastly, life expectancy of these are short, but that is not as much genetics as the other two...
2. Early enviroment - were you often scared as a kid, and how easily
3. Social interaction - how well do you socialize with others
4. Depression? Anxiety? also signs of schizophrenia.
5. Emotional stability - Do you find yourself 'crushing' on someone? How about fuming mad over something? If so, then it is likely that you DON'T. Also, your motivation falls into this category. People diagnosed with schyzophrenia often aren't motivated easily.

Reading through these, I match most but hallucinations...

It sounds like you actually have a minor case of "Schneiderian first rank symptoms," which incedentally hasn't really been proven to be a disease yet, more still a theory. Really, it is a minor case of schyzophrenia, only displaying the positive symptoms of schyzophrenia: delusions, auditory hallucinations and thought disorder. So far you've stated you have the first two...

Anyways, read carefully, think about it, and report back. Because ultimatley, you are the only deciding force who can diagnose it. A psychiatrist's opinion is second to yours, which makes mine about fifth and in no position to diagnose you with anything.

And best to you. Hopefully you find the problem. And worse comes to worse, consult a therapist, maybe take a day off to spend with a special counseler. You'll get through it.

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