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My own personal 'point of life' is to complete dreams. I got my dreams by identifying my talents.

Like, what are you good at? Nobody can say 'nothing' because you gotta be good at something or have a talent. Music, math, writing, talking, drawing, acting, or something else. Then set a goal. You want to go out and be a solo guitarist, football player, artist, or just a small goal...a vet, phamasist, nurse, accountant...

Then act on that. Practice what you like every day.

I personally have a motivator (a song, a saying) that keeps me going every day, and when I don't need it, I enjoy what happens...and not think about what has happened. Some other motivators that are people - they don't have to be celebs, but your teachers, coaches, or peers. I look up to my coach.

The first reason is mainly hope I guess. Then you make other reasons.
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