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Default Re: I don't know if I should masturbate

I agree 100% with what Dolphus Raymond said. I'd also add (to the part about your friends) that it is as much their choice to do it with you as it is for you to masturbate by yourself. If they don't want to, don't annoy them about it, because you're liabal to lose some friends.

I'd also stress the points on porn become an addictive unhealthy habit, and that premarital sex is not even close to the best idea, and, depending on religious status, a sin nonetheless (I, being a devout Christian teen, had to say that). Not to mention, depending on your state's law, it could be illegal (I guess some states say a minor is under 14, which you have outgrown).

But in the long run, it is your choice. I tend to have a strong opinion on this stuff that, in a way, over-powers my sexual desires, but if you want to and your girlfriend wants to, then go right ahead. I would just prefer to wait until I'm ready to have kids, which, no offense to you or anyone, I don't think most kids our age are capable of.

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