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i have no friends
i have no home right now (im at my neighbors)
the reason i have no home is cause i got kicked out by my parents (im 13)
i buy all my own food
my biological father is a druggie and wants nothing to do with me
my mom is a mess...obsessed that we are just this perfect happy little family
my moms boyfriend is horrible...i hate him so much
i have lots of (mental) problems that i cant get help for
i just got transfered to another school in order to keep a certain student safe from me
the people who used to be my friends decided that because im messed up right now it would be the perfect time to make school even more miserable
ive lost 8 extended family members to cancer alone in the last few months
last year i lost even more
the only friends i have are those online
because my moms boyfriend is injured, there is constent stress over when we will get our settlment so we can get our family (which has 5 people, 5 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, 2 gerbils, and a guinea pig) out of this crappy 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home
the family lives (not counting the money i make at my job) off 1,000 a month
my boyfriend dumped me (yes, i know that was pathetic and emo)
the list goes on but im out of time
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