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Default Re: I don't know if I should masturbate

One by one, here:

Originally Posted by mhough11 View Post
I really like masturbating, but my faith doesn't like it. But I still really want to do it.
This is a personal choice. There are few faiths without a number of followers who consider masturbation OK. Outside of your faith, I can tell you it's quite healthy and safe. But what you believe is your individual choice.

If you want some pro-masturbation information from members of your faith, just tell me what it is and I'll get some.

Originally Posted by mhough11 View Post
Also, I want to masturbate with my friends, but when we talk about they make fun of it. How do I get them to masturbate with me?
I'm not comfortable with answering this. I think there is too much chance for secrets and regret, especially in your case. I'd attempt to control your urges.

Originally Posted by mhough11 View Post
I am only 14 years old and I masturbate like to masturbate with porn, is that bad???
Again, this is up to your individual system of beliefs. There is one potential for addiction here. Unless you are unable to achieve sexual gratification without it, I personally don't think it's a problem.

Originally Posted by mhough11 View Post
I also have a girlfriend that I really want to have sex with, but I don't think she's open to it. How to I express myself without getting dumped??? I NEED HELP!!
Well, sorry, but a few things tell me you probably aren't ready: 1) you're fourteen years old; 2) you're having trouble with masturbation, let alone premarital sex; and 3) you're afraid to communicate this to her.

I don't think you're ready. Wait a while. Let it happen organically.


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