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Default Re: my dad hurts me.

Oh my God, please don't kill yourself. Whatever you do. I am begging you. That adds one more defeat to the perverts of this world.

Yur story reminds me alot about the story of a man named David Pelzer (author of the autobiogrophal books A Child Called It, The Lost Kid, and A Man Named Dave). His mother tortured him day in and day out, everything from giving him no food for weeks, to making him sleep on a cot in the garage, to putting him in a room with a bucket of Clorox/amonia mixture (which could possibly kill you) until he got whatever job it was done. It's sick that there are actually people in the world like this.

My advice would be to find someone and show them your bruises, someone who doesn't know your dad, AND believes you. It's a shot in the dark, but soon someone will believe you and help you escape to a foster home. I'm afraid staying with ANY family member is not an option now. You need to go somewhere where your dad or any other abusive family member will not be able to easily locate you, and unfortunatley the system of foster homes is usually the best way. If someone does believe you, you will likely have to go to court over it..

Whatever happens don't give up, ya hear? Stay strong and don't ever think that "you like it" because you don't fight back. Fighting back is the worst possible way to deal with this. He will make your life the closest thing to Hell without kiling you. You're smart to not fight back. Don't do anything to aggitate him either. You will get through this.

I'm on my knees begging you not to kill yourself. You're in my prayers.
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