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Default Re: my dad hurts me.

i believe u! i started CRYING when i read this, for ur situation was like my moms. her father always molested her, but she didn't say anything in order to protect her mother from him. he had peepoles to watch her undress, and one to see her in the bathroom w/ her pants down. she stayed their for 18 years, and now knows she did the wrong thing by NOT saying something. when he was sick 3 years ago, my mom told me all of this. five minutes later we got a phone call saying he died! HALLELUIEGH! (sp???) then, her mom who at the time lived w/ us, admitted that she knew what he was doing and incouraged it. turns out he also raped both of my mom's cousins and showed himself to 2 little girls when he was overseas in WW2. so ur sstory is close to me, and i really hope all turns out A-OK.

PS- PM me if u want to talk.
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