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Default Re: Saddest song you've ever heard?


lol how is that song sad? its about changes in government and equality.

plus, he'd be the first to change to the new systems...right? lol.

that doesnt matter, its your own opinion if its a sad song but nvm...we dont need to debate.


saddest song for me: Adam's Song, by Blink 182

a fan sent them a letter of their best friend who committed suicide. attached to the letter was the actual suicide note of the fan's friend, whose favorite band was Blink. Then, the band made a memorialistic tributic song out of it. The song contains actual verses from the letter and i thought that it was cool of them to do that.

its just a deep meaning kind of song that i think truly, and literally is the saddest song, because it was made out of a fan's suicide letter.

We can always live the world backwards
Venture onward and DESTROY THE FUTURE
We can always fight the new ideas
Put you hood on, we'll go back in time

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