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Default Re: Post / Answer all Puberty Surveys Here

Age: 14
Height: 6'3"
Shoe Size: 14.5
Build: tall, skinny

Put an X between the brackets if you have hair in that area.
[X] Facial
[X] Armpits
[Minorly] Chest
[Minorly] Stomache
[X] Pubic
[No] Butt
[X] Legs
[X] Feet

Are you satisfied with the amount of hair you have? A little to much in some areas. Working out, so wanna keep a non-hairy chest. Hair on the feet is annoying.
Do you wish you had more or less? see above

Put an X between the hair that you shave or trim if you shave or trim at all.
[X] Facial
[No] Armpits
[No - probably will if it gets out of hand] Chest
[see chest] Stomache
[No] Pubic
[No] Butt
[No] Legs

Why do you shave? Cause my parents force me to...


Length [erect or hard]: Just over 8"
Lenth [non-erect]: Just over 4"
Cut or Uncut: Cut
Do you think it's proportional for you height? I guess so.. Like I said in a previous post I originally thought I was too small until I came to multiple sites like these For your Age? Definatley
What's the average in your mind? For my age (13-14) probably 5"-6.5"


Have you started puberty yet? Mostly
At what age? I'd guess 12
In your opinion, did you start late or early? A little early - growth spurts happened overnight
Have you ever had a wet dream? twice
Do you compare yourself to guys your same age? Not in private areas - only in muscles and academics
Are you done with puberty? No - still eagerly awaiting my voice to deepen and shoulders to broaden, hopefully, more


Do you masterbate? Occasionally
How many times per day? 1 usually, sometimes 2
When did you start? Couldn't have been over 6 months ago
What hand do you use? I'm right handed naturally
What do you think about whilst masterbating? I honestly dont know
Where's the weirdest place you've masterbated? Probably a hotel bathroom - dont do it in a lot of places...
Where's your normal place to masterbate? my bathroom
Do you use any special technique? I've used toilet paper rolls, condoms, soap, but usually just my hand
Do you use any lubrication? sometimes soap
Have you ever been caught? No
Have you masturbated with friends? No. I live in a very liberal town where such a thing is unheard of...
Are you felxible enough to suck your own penis? I can lick it, but it doesnt give me pleasure or anything...
If not, do you wish you could? Maybe once just to experience it...
Do you ejaculate? eh...
If so how much? Barely any. For some reason it hurts and I back out right before I ejaculate
Spit or Dribble? depends on the day
If spit, how far? um am I thinking of the right thing? why would I know?
How do you clean up? TP
Did you ever taste it? No - dont plan to

Sexual Orientation

Are you straight, gay, bi, or curious? I honestly dont know.. I'm more interested in girls than anything, but they don't "turn me on"
If straight, do you think Homosexuality is ok? I dont have a problem with people being gay if they feel it is right
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend? Academics, personality, pretty much anything but looks...
Have you ever had a relationship? Only in 1st grade when two girls fought over me... That was when I was cute and without acne and without a hella annoying voice..
If so how long? Heh. It was 1st grade *rolls eyes*
Did you ever cheat on this person? ditto


Have you ever had sex? Did you hear anything about the liberal town?
If not, will you wait till marriage? Totally. I'ma Christian no matter what it comes down to.
What do you look for in a partener? I've already answered this
With a boy or girl? When time comes, will be a girl
Have you had any kind of sex with a friend of the same sex? I cant see myself doing that
If you are straight, would you let a gay man suck your penis? Would you suck his? Probably not, though no disrespect
If you are straight, would you have sex with a gay man? Would you let him do it to you? ditto


Was this survey good? I guess...
What can be added to it to make it better?Its awfully long already...
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