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Originally Posted by Ezz View Post
i nv heard of penis cancer anyways...
i thought it only considered as diseases? instead of cancer...
With proper hygiene and use of protection, diseases of the penis are extremely rare, regardless of circumcision status.

The chance of a botched circumcision is likely about the same as the chance of a disease being prevented by circumcision. It could even be higher, if you consider that certain circumcision mistakes aren't reported.

But, again, the VAST majority of men who do basic hygiene - circumised or not - will never have a problem.

Originally Posted by orchdork View Post
what about testicular cancer
thats more common than penis cancer ()
That doesn't have anything to do with being circumcised or not, but you're right - it's much more common than penis cancer.

(Sorry I'm not providing sources here, but I can't post links for another two posts. )


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