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Default Re: One day in my shoes and you'd wanna be barefoot

welcome ta life
The world can be cold
and it can be cruel

thats the price we pay for the few moments of pure joy
the protective sheild of another caring soul
that everybody feels sooner or later
however fleeting it may be

its how the world works

I'm going out on a limb here so I could be wrong if i'm wrong then sorry
but it sounds to me like your just having trouble making friends
Many teens struggle with that myself included
It sucks
It really does
I'm alone
and I feel cold
but it'll get better
it has too

there are allot of members on VT that have clinical depression, have been admited for self harm, have attempted suicide, have lost a parent, they have to live with a mental disorder etc...

VT's about being there for one another in our darkest hour

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