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Default Re: my dad hurts me.

This is absolutely awful, and should not be allowed to happen.
I am very surprised that no one has mentioned childline www . childline . org . uk The people here will sort out any problem that is to do with abuse. Also, there's nspcc www . nspcc . org . uk The people here will do the same as in child line - have a look in both. (I have had to change the links, because it thought that this was spam!)

I fully believe you, and what you are saying. This may be easer said than done, but try not to worry. Do not try to run away from home Unless it gets really bad. BUT before you do anything else, go to one of those websites!

And NEVER try to commit suicide! This may sound very strange, but there are actually people who would rather be in your position - people who are starving in poorer countries, such as Africa, and people who have a condition that can not be cured, weather they were born with it, or weather it is something like cancer. You CAN be helped! Please do not suffer in silence - DO something about it! You do not in any way or form deserve any type of abuse.

Also, I am surprised that this thread has been just left; although, I suppose, what else is there left to say?


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