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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Yeah ok but I'd rather make fewer women happy then have penis cancer (or whatever)!!! ha ha...
You are more likely to get breast cancer than penis cancer. Penis cancer is crazy-rare. You have a similar chance of being struck by lightning. There isn't a medical association in the world that recommends circumcision, especially on such a minor benefit as that.

You can ask your parents if you want. It's a valid question. But even if they may not have been fully informed on the medical reasoning behind the decision, I'm sure they meant well. You may make them uncomfortable, because the truth is, it's often done based on tradition and "it didn't kill me, so why not?" mentality. But, again, it's not like they went "let's circumcise him to make him miserable." I'm opposed to infant male circumcision, but obviously most parents think they are doing the right thing, even if they are working on wrong information.

It's up to you. You have a right to ask. But you also have a right not to ask. Choose which one you're most comfortable with.


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