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Default Html Help

Well a friend of mine recently started a clan and seeing as i am the only member with any web design experience i am having to make the website. No by experience i basically have had to learn as i go. What i am trying to do is embed phpbb in our website. That way they still have alll the menus and buttons.
Here is the page i am working on and as you can see when i embedded the forums it stretched the page and screwed up the template. I used the

 <iframe src ="" width="100%" height="500px">
were the "src =" points to the index of our forms. Now i have tried adjusting the width in dreamweaver and nothing seems to help. If you know of a way to fix this, or a better way to embed this in my webpage i would most appreciate.

Here is a rar of all the files in the website, the one that has the forums embedded is forums.html.
Thank you you in advance for the help, as you can see i am a noob .

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