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Default Re: Make Diaries Shown only to Members?

Ok, about that idea of blocking images from guests... I don't think it would be such a hot idea. I do not think vBulletin has an option for that, although I might be able to create a hook for it. The problem with blocking all images from guests is that all of the styles that we have depend on images for the style. Now if I made the hook just for the postbit's IMG tags, then I suppose that could work, but the only thing that would resolve is guests being able to see posted images - which I don't think is a problem. Basically, it wouldn't help us any other way because most of the images posted are not private images and it wouldn't help our bandwidth either since VT does not host a great deal of the images.

Now about those diaries and member forums... I don't think it's a huge problem to have people looking at things that they would otherwise simply have to register to view. While restricting diaries to members only would help our bandwidth, it might also simply annoy members that don't regularly login and decrease registration rates. I've honestly thought about doing this in the past to ease the server load, but I don't think it's worth losing possible members.

On that note, maybe we could give something good to the community - to those few thousand people that decided to register. Maybe a member's only set of forums? ... Well, I suppose we can discuss that later.

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