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Default Re: This is where I am, am I normal?

Originally Posted by liljayboi4life View Post
I Just turned 13 5 days ago, when erected i am about 6.5 in.

Is this normal???
Yup, and in fact it's a little bit above average! Awsome (lucky)
Originally Posted by Ryan0244 View Post
I turned 13 a few months ago I am about 6'1" tall, my penis is about 5.8-6'' long, and has a girth of about 2-2.5''( not sure about that, havent checked girth for a while). Just wondering how i am compared to most other people.
I'd say you're kinda tall, average ADULT size dick! So really, you're bigger than most guys
Originally Posted by sfmdraw View Post
i'm 14, just over a month till i'm 15 and it seems like "average" size is 6 - 6 1/2. i'm 5 1/2, 5'7", and a once in a while crack in the voice. i'm not curious in the locker room...heck, i go in a bathroom stall to change, which most find wierd. i normal???
Yeah, alla dat is fine. I'd say you're just average all around so it's all good =]
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