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Default Re: Make Diaries Shown only to Members?

I agree with Ant
This could restrict all guests. Plus, the diaries show diversity over the forums. As far as pictures go, I don't see a need in that. I mean, imo it's not really a big it's a whole bunch of Yahoo! spiders. Yahoo is a crappy search engine and therefore needs constant bots to search criteria for a prolonged amount of time, while Google's software is so much better that they're in and out in a flash, almost never seen.

And there's always a risk for sabotage or stealthy adults trying to snatch a teen. In fact, a fundraising forum my mom was on got jacked out of $5,000 because of a sneaky con-man that was a GMod then Admin.

So the risk is always out there, because this forum has a puberty forum, a mental illness catagory, and basically because it's a teen site.
I think our rules are fine

and I vote no on everything...
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