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Default Re: Parents+Puberty=HELL

Originally Posted by spazattack33 View Post
ive gotten caught masterbating by my family SO MANY DAMN TIMES

i fell badfor my sister. my room, is connected to night, i always do it. resulting in me doing it her walking in, not seeing anything but still walking and knowing i mean

we kinda blackmail eachother casue...i always ALWAYS hear her and her boyfreind doing the dirty so if she told me mum then id tell my mom what she does.

oh yeah one time i was masterbating in my room not under my covers and i was done and there was a little crack and my bro could see...he walks up. i act like i was getting dressed asks if i want to play basketball and i say yes he walks away and scremed GROSS (hes 15 and im 13) haha

and another time was when my mom saw the lotion in the bathroom used and shit and yeah...asked if there were things "wrong" with me.

annnnnnd. my bro caught the history on the computer

theres more but whatever haha

whatd you think?
lol i havent looked at porno since i was 10. yeah porns for little kids i think, big kids like 13+ actually start masturbating or find a girl who wants to have sex with em =O

anyway for the guy who said axe smells good, you might be a girl cause i think only girls are attracted to it, whenever the jockies in my school use it i almost die from no oxygen in the locker room cause they be spraying the whole damn can on on armpit!
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