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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

It doesn't have you now, you can count it as what it is, a slip up, that's it, not the beginning of it all over again.

If you think you can stop, then you can. If you lose hope and say 'that's it, I'm done' then yes you'll continue to cut over and over and over again, and you will be miserable. Quite possibly you could end up back in the mental hospital. Just don't lose hope. Don't let yourself lose hope. You can beat this hun.

What you can do, is get rid of what you just used, get rid of anything you could use, that way when the urge is there you'll have to go out of your way to find something to use. Hospitalize your room to where there isn't any 'sharps' around. If you have an urge and there is a razor laying around and a pen, the razor would be a hell of alot easier, but say you got rid of all the razors and all you find is a pen, you'd have to do some digging to get the relief you need, and you have more of a chance of the urge passing before you get that relief.

And you know you can't keep it hidden, because eventually there will be that one time that you go to deep (even on your thighs) or that one time that you feel daring and decides to wear something that quite possibly expose the cuts, someone will find out. Someone always does. And once one person finds out, it spreads. People love their gossip.

But sorry, I don't mean to preach.

Hang in there.

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