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Default Re: I feel horrible.

hi hun im rlly sorry about how u feel, i know this probable will not help but i do understand how you feel. i been though this my self. i become the laughing stock of everyone no one ever turned around see if i was ok and if i was down it did not matter, but there is way thought hun, there are better people out there and even thought the thick and thin it going to be hard and it goin to hurt, hav you ever thought about goin to a counlier and go talk to them or if ur happy you can talk to me as offen as you like,

just rmemeber one thing it is not you, do not feel horrible, it not you it everyone else for being so horrible hun, u need find someone you can talk to who u can trust i rlly wish i could help you more hun i rlly do

keep ya chim up im sorry

Originally Posted by Mannequin View Post
I'm not sure what is wrong. Everyone neglects me and no one notices me or just laughs at me. No one understands me. I am REALLY depressed and sad and have absolutely no idea where to go or how to rid myself of this pain that continues to follow me. Today, i really wish i had the courage to kill myself. I can't possibly describe the feeling, but it hurts really bad and i just want to die. don't worry i wont. i never do. i just wanted to complain i guess...
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