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Default masturbation... [MERGED WITH STICKY]

well, ive always wanted to try masturbating. and 1 time i did, but ever after that time, ive been afraid to masturbate and i dont know why. This might be a little long, but i really need to have some questions answered. well, that 1 time i tried, like 4 minutes into it, i felt an intense feeling of pleasure, and i didnt want to ejaculate for some reason so i just stopped, but the intense feeling stayed, i quickly puled my pants and i felt a weird feeling. it was a mix or pleasure, nerveusness, and guild, i think i may have ejaculated. but, now because of that, im afraid to masturbate. It might be the huge amount of guild i feel after an orgasm, or/and it might be that i feel to uncofertable not being able to stop from ejaculating when i reach that certain point, and even if i stop masturbating the feeling continues. Then 1 year later, i have a sleepover. We played truth or dare. The first friend dared my second friend to masturbate until he ejaculated(cuz he was the only one we thaught could)and he did, not the first friend did, and i lied and said i did, becuase i wanted to, but im afraid. I think part of the problem is, i dont know wut a real ejaculation feels like(i think i dont, unless that time i tried i really did ejaculate)and im afraid its going to be too intence, or hurt(i had a dream that it came out and it was really hard to get out and it was super thick and it hurt ) is any of this normal, and what can i do to overcome this. thank you in advanced, i really needed to get this out.
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