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Default Re: flirting with suicide

Originally Posted by CryingEye666 View Post
people probably tried flirting with suicide and tryin it. i wanna die my life sucks that bad for me to actually wanna die. all the cheerleaders at my school are sluts and the jocks are so faggoty. the preps and those wannabe kids piss me off so much i just wanna bring in a gun and shoot them all and kill myself after. i feel worthless a lot. i have a problem, i like this girl but i doubt shed ever go out with me. ususally wen people wanna die, its most often a love related issue. i really like/love this girl but i cant seem to get her to notice me
i was born without the need-to be-in a group gene so i dont really care if im in a little group or whatever.

make your own group or just believe in your own ways.

for the girl i suggest you talk to her ask her do whatever. what are all those fucked up jocks and preppies gunna do? and if things get worse get guidance cause im only 13!
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