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Originally Posted by shadowhog6 View Post
My dad had passed away a couple years ago. I was going through the grief and all that at first. then it went away. now its hitting back even harder than before. i mean im shaking and crying.....somone help me please...
grief consist of 5 things

Denial - denying the even never happened (lying to yourself)

Anger - WTF i hate you god why me???!!??

Bargaining - as if you could bargain with the grim reaper himself, as if you could give him something to get the dead person back

Depression - complete sorrow of the loss

Acceptance - you accept the fate and move on

you said you have gotten thru grief, and now its coming back worse. ive only heard of this a few times and its only because of the event reoccurs or the person meant so dearly and needed to be with his/her family to support them.

your mom probably reminds you of your dad and if you look anything like him this might also impact you.

try to accept the grief once more and maybe it wont caome back =/
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