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Originally Posted by amos View Post
i have two questions

1. why life so hard? & 2. why fuck we bother?

i asked my mother this questions she said to me "i dunno why we bother and yes life is hard."

what was point me even asking my mother

i h8 my life practally from head to toe, i get nothink from life apart from boardma and shit chucked at me in every direction you can think off.

as soon someone knows anythink about me it like oh let go hurt her we now how to it fun init. no it not fun at all i tryed killed my self god knows how many times and one ended in hospital

but now i know how kill my self it just doin it there always somethink stoping you

manly somone you love but then i think this time i love someone but there never go out with me and umm let me see how long they goin to be in my life for probable knowing my luck not that long

im crap keeping firneds
i crap at relationships

i can not win i never know if it more or the other person. im just so dam feed up of everythink and if i had guts to i end everythink to day but as normal somethink stoping and someone needs me and i love them and do anythink for them am i stupid or am i stupid lol

i do nto know why i bother at all but if anyone know answer for being bothered about life then fire away

what were your goals in life? theres gotta be a few im sure

if so try to accomplish them.

life is hard 99% of the time, but when the 1% comes up its really good.

like Mr. Rogers always said, "It's OK to feel sad some times"
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