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Default Re: Pubic hair - I need help!

Originally Posted by chelsea714 View Post
Okay I know that pubic hair is normal but mine is seriously crazy. If i leave it alone the hairs will grow up to 3 inches long! and it covers a huge area. I have tried shaving it all off but it left SOOO many red bumps and was VERY uncomfortable. I don't know what to do! And I don't know what guys consider normal. I know that they all prefer a girl with no pubic hair, but if a girl does have pubic hair then what is acceptable to them? Because I just can't shave it all off. I'm so scared that when I take off my underwear I'm going to scare a boy away!
im a guy and i dont mind, but if you feel its unconfortable then cut it down to about half an inch. use scissors and be careful! (i cut my pubes too they are like 3 inches lol)
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