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Default Re: pain after masturbating

Originally Posted by mepasses View Post
Ok, so when i jack off, and i orgasm, i like totally loose any horniness that i have, and then my dick hurts and gets real sensetive for a few minutes does this ever happen to you guys?
completely normal, if you go to [REMOVED] they can explain some things to you, better masturbation ways, and tells you lots about masturbaton and how it is a healthy and fun activity.

i feel pain because basicly your dick gets very sensitive after masturbation, the pain is if your rubbing it hard right after you ejaculated which has happened to me (ow!)

the reason why u lose horniness is because u had an orgy and basicly youve had enough of it for a while. better answers at [REMOVED] tho.

normal tho happy masturbating

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