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Default Re: Should i be worried?

That sounds like OCD to me.

I have a tiny bit in the mildest of forms, undiagnosed, but that keeping your actions even thing... if I step on a shadow, crack or different type of flooring with one foot, I have to with the other or I just feel... wrong and unbalanced, like heavier on one side.. I also need things to look neat when I organise them. If they're messy, they're messy. But when I have to organise, they wind up colour ordered and perfectly straight xD

And whilst I know I don't have OCD in any form bad enough to worry about, I do know that what you've described is pretty bad, if you're having panic attacks over it.. You may need to get some kind of help, even if it is JUST to get them to tell your mother to stop messing with you!

Good luck with everything =)

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