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Originally Posted by Flooned View Post
well most girls say 5in plus, im 13 and i got a 5 inch dick, heh heh....

anyway, the largest dick on the planet was 14in, coincidently he died of ED (erectyle disfunction)

he also had an erection over 4 and half hours and lived (your supposed to go to the hospitale if its over 4 hours and u still have an erection)
wrong. the largest dicks are from an unfortunate disease called Elephantiasis. if you havent heard of this disease before, it is a physical disability that enlarges body parts unnaturally. anyways, few people have been recorded to have Elephantiasis in their genitals. One males has even been recorded to have a 20" flaccid penis.

but it doesnt matter really, just a little fun fact for everyone

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