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Default Re: hey i was wondering

i just shaved my pubes yesterday.

heres the deal

the first 5 times you shave, it will hurt pretty bad and itch pretty bad (gets better through the first 5), and it will also irritate your skin no matter what, and it leaves a "rash like" series of red bumps...basically what im getting at, is that a girl wouldnt want to see that because they might think you have a ton of acne of w/e.

anyways, i shave mine when it grows back full length again (usually about 2 all depends on how long it was before, its similar to your head hair. your pubes tend to grow about a 1/4 inch per week) and th only reason why i do it is because:

a lot of girls like shaven guys so if i have a girlfriend, i want to make her happy by shaving if she wants me to, so if you shave every once and a while, after like your fifth shave, your skin wont get irritated anymore and it will just look normal after you shave.

but yeah, ive never shaven my ball hair, because i dont have much so i dont have any reason because you can barely even see it.

just beware, if you shave, it will hurt, so you just have to think of the good things that could come out of it, and think about which you'd like more.

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