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Unhappy She's Everything You Want

ignore this is you wish, its more of a rant

Last tuesday I thought my world would end. we broke up.. yeah. but surprisingly i didnt break completely down and cut with everything i could. probably because she said she wouldnt be tehre for me if i had cut over her. so i didnt. i still love her so much and i know she loves me, things are just hard right now. she says its a maybe that well be together again.. i hope that day comes soon.

but i also find it strange that im so in love with a 15 year old when im 17.. and that when she says the words "i cant do this to you anymore" i just have to cry.

for the past 6 months she has been my world, my air and my water. now i have to rebuild all that... out of nothing... and no one.

dont give me pity, thats the last thing i want.

the first thing i want is for her to be able to talk to her through any way possible.

thats all

bye kids.

Only once the drugs are done.
That I feel like dying
...I feel like dying
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