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Default things out of order, germs, and my hands

I'm not diagnosed with OCD, and I don't like to think I have it, but a lot of things say I do. When I put things away, they have to be a certain way. If it gets moved from how it was when I put it there, I can't just leave it, I have to fix it. For instance, my boyfriend was at my house and he went looking at all my stuff. He took a book off a shelf then tossed it right back. I picked it up and straightened it up, lining it up with the shelf. When I lock my lock on my locker as school, I'm always the weird kid that turns it back to 0. My best friend's disorderlyness drives me CRAZY. And I have this minor phobia of germs. I hate other people's spit. I can kiss and make out with my boyfriend, yet when I share a drink with someone (other than him) I wipe it off first before taking a sip. When someone offers me a bite of something they've bitten off of, I decline. I also have this thing with my hands. No matter how many times I wash them, no matter how burned they get under the hot water, they don't feel clean. I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere, putting it on my hands whenever the thought runs through my mind. This isn't that severe but I don't know.
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