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Unhappy Re: R.I.P. dad....

im sorry about your dad, i never met my dad so i hav lived with out all my life and i find it hard still. im 17 nearly 18 and i still go thougth stages of wishing i had dad like most people do

but you will get past it, it will come and go, i know it hurts and there no words for how much you want it and need a dad. i also now there nothink that can replace your dad or the feeling i know

but even though it hurts so much try be around the rest your family and your frineds it shall help bit more when you cry go hug your mum or someoen close to you if you like hugs that is

im sorry about you dad i rlly am

Originally Posted by shadowhog6 View Post
My dad had passed away a couple years ago. I was going through the grief and all that at first. then it went away. now its hitting back even harder than before. i mean im shaking and crying.....somone help me please...
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