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Default Re: No-Suicide Pledge

i my self can not say i can sight this pledge cause im not 100% sure i could keep to it i think it make me want kill my self even more than i do cause someone told me not to

but what if someone does sign this and commits suicide there nothink u can do and signing this pledge does not make anythink final nor does it make difference

it may make different in ur minds but that all

sorry to sound so horrible

Originally Posted by thesphinx View Post
Hello, some of you may have read my last thread entitled "im gonna do it" and I was pretty close to doing it but i decided not to and since that event I have been totally unsuicidal and I wanted to make sure that i never got to that state again so I got to thinking.

And I decided to make this, its a pledge for anyone to sign agreeing not to commit suicide, once you sign it you vow never to commit suicide no matter what.
If you are interested in this please copy and paste this:

I yourname Pledge never to commit suicide under any circumstance.

Do not sign unless you are a 100% sure that you can agree to it.

If anyone commits suicide that has signed you will have broken the chain And the chain will be useless after that point.

Anyone can sign this even if they can't see them selves being suicidal in the future. but once you sign it thats it you cannot take it back you have to follow the agreement.

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