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Default She is too shy about verbalizing sexual needs and desires?

I am in a very committed and loving relationship with my Russian Fiancée for over one year. We met online, had intense discussions via phone and comp for 5 months before meeting in person. When we first met, she was curious about sexual desires and we cybered a few times. She was always very positive and told me that we were very compatible sexually. In person when we met, she waited the first evening after a romantic meeting and dinner. Our chemistry was incredible, and the second day I couldn’t keep her off me. I was always a gentleman and was considerate in making sure she was ok with any progression of lovemaking. Since our meeting, she makes positive innuendos as to our sexuality together, but if I start to become aroused in our conversation, she drops the subject as if she is shy or does not want it to go further. I know she desires to be with me and I am certain she is faithful. My question and bewilderment is; given our level of intimacy and trust together, and the fact we had a mutually compatible sexual experience, why would she seemingly have no interest in expressing her sexual feelings or wanting to culminate them with me via phone comp, especially since I know she enjoyed it at the beginning of our relationship? I am very puzzled. Any ideas from a Russian woman’s perspective? By the way, she is 23 and very intelligent and sophisticated.

Thanks for any ideas you may have.
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