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Look, who cares... If a girl is with you JUST because of your penis size, then the relationship really isn't that great anyway. Why? Because this is superficial. Wanting pleasurable sex isn't superficial, nope... But the whole penis thing is just a big gimmick. Sure, it may help a little bit, but only if the woman is turned on by that kind of thing.

Who needs a 9 foot shlong to pleasure a woman? Most women can achieve orgasm with their fingers. Most men are at LEAST as large as a woman's few fingers. Not to mention, we have tongues, after all.

In short, it doesn't matter... Sex is more than just physical, too, regardless of what people say.

This is nearly the most frequently dumb question asked on these boards(Second only to "I TUCHED MY FRENDS BUM DUZ DAT MAEK ME GAY HELP!!11111")

You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Come on people, the vagina isn't THAT complicated...

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