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God how can most of you guys be more stupid than me?

Why does a 13 year old have to educate you on sex, drugs w/e

Do it, you won't regret it virginity is overrated in this world, and yes used a rubber from a fucking closed package

Now as for the legal part

Generally its 16

And for anyone who said that if your both 14 and she grew older and lied you forced her, well you are a dumbfuck

Any minors who have sex under the legal age, are usually blamed I am not really sure about the rape part

But lets say you live in a country where its illegal under 16 and you do it with a 17 year old at 15

The 17 year old would be charged with rape by default.. But yeah

Just make sure that ppl dont find out in masses or at all if possible.. And for god sakes to make sure again use protection...............

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