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Default Re: Homosexuality?

The smart, desire, outgoing also happens to fall in tendency with a psychopath or just someone greedy

And I don't think you don't need ''desire'' to be a ''genius''

Usually the greatest minds were considerd mad at their time and some of them were very ( Uhh can't remember the word.. )...... Humble, discreet.. Coy?

Well anyway.. You truely ignore any post that you can't respond to, and claim everyone is trying to be immature towards you and flame, troll your arguement while that's exactly what you do..

I do agree that Parasite in somewhat does that but he well, is who he is and has atleast some real arguements in hes posts

And I think your friend was confused, I don't belive ppl can choose knowingly, but I do belive ppl can change but that isn't really the point

This thread was pretty much closed ages ago, and again DTF we don't even know if your real or if anyone on this site is fucking real get over it..

And wtf we don't know 100% that the fucking HOLOCAUST HAPPEND?! Wtf realy... That was a nice example

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