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Originally Posted by Mannequin View Post
I'm not stupid, obviously. I have defeated you countless times within the last 20 pages, yet you tend to think throwing childish insults at me constitutes as debating. I for one would hate to agree with your quote. It's narrow minded. If you were such a great "scientist and architect", you'd realize that without variation and questioning of substance answers would remain unanswered. I'm not using logic against you. You have no logic whatsoever! Also, you have not witnessed anything. There is no legit proof to us that you even have a friend that is gay and that he told you any of this or even if he is lying or being honest. I can guarantee you that you did not go through the scientific method fully. If you had, you'd have realized that you have no alternate observations, no strict regimen, etc. Thus, your experiment is literal shit and would be rejected!!
prove to me how you can 100% believe that something you havent personally witnessed. i think that it is impossible to prove that because no matter how trusting you are, you still shouldn't beleieve something never happened.

the Halocaust
Slavery in America
death of Steve Erwin
the Depression
the existence of dinosaurs
the existence of Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha

take a look at that list. those are all examples. to make this clear, i believe that all of those happened, but they are all something that you cant believe on a 100% scale. every single thing that you havent personally seen cant be believed on a 100% scale, because how do you know if it's a fix or not? please dont try to debate with that list, they were all just examples. debate with the actual point of the list if you will.

also, there is no legit proof to me that you are even gay, a male, a human being, because i havent personally witnessed you at all, except on this site, which, behind a computer is very easy to skew your characteristics.

see, i have witnessed my friend choosing to be gay. i have witnessed him with a girlfriend, (who which unfortunately killed herself in the prime of their relationship and my friend didn't even know that she was depressed) and i have witnessed him telling me how he didn't want to hurt any more girls, so he chose to be with guys instead. now, this isn't some kind of, "tragic happening" that made his thoughts jumble around and traumatize him for his life, he just didn't want the same thing to happen to a different girl, so for all of the females races safety, he chose to be gay. now he has a boyfriend. his is not bi, or straight. he was once straight, but now he has conscientiously chosen to be gay. of course, you don't have to believe that. i completely understand if you didn't, but i do believe it. and that's why my thesis on this topic is not going to change. i have factual evidence to myself that has proven to me that what i believe is true. i have never seen a gay person, "turn" gay, or be gay right out of birth, which leaves me to believe that very gay person chooses to be gay.

Originally Posted by Mannequin View Post
age is over half of it. age=maturity. how would being outgoing help your observations? Intelligence is greater. I can guarantee you that the smartest people in the world are usually not the most outgoing. That has nothing to do with being able to conduct an experiment. Every single sentence you create is such crap.

ALSO, respond to my last post and this one.
i agree, age does play a large role in how much one can witness, but if you sit alone in your house and read all day, everyday, then you wont witness as much as a person who is much more outgoing; who is outside seeing the world everyday. and, you also misunderstood what i had said. i didn't make a relation between smartness, conducting experiments, and outgoingness. i made the relation that you will witness more if you are more outgoing. yes, a smart person may be able to conduct a better experiment, but a great experiment conductor combines at least three characteristics: smart, outgoing, and desire.

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