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Calling popo stupid makes you stupid, even if youre older

popo has what many of you don't have, he can see through the pretty treaties and brainwashing machines

Afghanistan still functions as a nice money maker for drug lords, and terrorists, and no it's not as simple as you think:

They shoot at us we shoot back

If you havent figured out the REAL terrorists are hiding and not running around on the streets. Though the real terrorists dont exist in high numbers. Most of the wars on this planet are to serve the military industry, not to serve some righteous quest to stop attacks

most of your government leaders wouldn't give shit about your friends dieing, your family dieing. YOUR OWN PEOPLE DIEING unless it affects their masters and their own pockets


And blind patriotism is used on poor fools who don't understand anything. All of the NATO operations are just a pretty show to fool, fools like you into thinking that the world is how its made to be seen by the media and government

Sure there are some ppl in governments who actually care about their own people and helping others and stoping terrorism, but theres so less of them, that they couldn't make a difference.

Generally to speak: The US looks for a reason to go to war, they create a reason if they have to and then for some reason they blow the shit out of a country, which costs more than attacking terrorists directly. And then NATO can show up and place their scare crows around..

Can you even imagine the amounts of money that goes through the military industry? The amounts for purchases and research funding

The US funds military research more than they fund any other research, and they fund every other research less than Nintendo spends on their research

France, Germany, Italy and etc as you say it, might be doing more than you can see or are told. And I don't see what kind of benefits you get from the NATO besides money to fuel military industries and keep some real 'terrorists' pockets filled.

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