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Default Re: Parents+Puberty=HELL

my brother asking me if i had armpit hair yet at dinner.

i dont, so i kind of just laugh because its a weird kind of way

then my moms like, "oh please he hasnt even started puberty yet"

then my brother was like, "well i know that he has hair somewhere on his body"

and my moms like, "what leg hair?"

and he's like, "no i bet he has pubic hair. DTF (really name disclosed for security purposes) do you have pubes yet?"

i start laughing even harder (i do by the way)

then my brother said, "well has has to mom"

then my mom is like "how do you know that?"

then my dad said, "i know, because i saw him sleeping naked"

and i'm like, "WTF?" (i never sleep naked because i dont want my family "seeing" me)

and then the whole topic goes on about hwo my mom and dad saw my dick.

Background Info: my dad started puberty really late, and that passed down into all of my brothers and i. so, im assuming that my dad told my mom that like their sons will go through puberty a lot later than other kids, because when you are already through puberty, it's not a big deal to really tell people that you started late. anyways, so like, i always compare puberty to like dick growth and sex pleasure and everything like that, and so whenever i see someone whos like 6'0" and has sideburns when they are 15, i always just kind of think that i wish i'd be them because they are probably through puberty more than i am, and can pleasure a girl more, and dont have to worry about a girl telling her friends how big his dick is because it will be perfectly average (mines only 4.25 its small and i'd never want anyone other than a girlfriend finding out really). moving on, so my mom always think that i am going to start puberty like REALLY late, at like 17 or something because my dad most likely just told her that he went through puberty late and it will incorporate into their sons. but yeah, so anytime my family talks about anything about puberty, i hate it, because i compare puberty to like, having sex and stuff like that because your dick will be bigger...

haha well thats my recent story. ill post some more after a few others do.

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