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well i was absent for our video but i heard it was really boring. My puberty week was soo funny. Well... there were only female teachers so we had to go to her and then this kid asked her if her and her husband (principal of middle school) have 'sexual intercourse' and then everybody laughed and then she said "well those kind of things are really personal and private so I will chose not to answer that" and then she went on and on about how puberty can be private for some people. then on the final day they had our male gym teacher come in and talk to us and I distinctly remember him simulating intercourse and just saying "a man puts his penis into a womans vagina and that is sexual intercourse" in a macho gym teacher voice. The hilarious part of that is that he made hand gestures the whole time. And after that he gave us deodorant and a booklet and left.

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