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Default Re: NATO Slackers!

Ya the EU does kick ass i'll give ya that Alex
its EXTREMLY impressive
North America has nothing like it

The Taliban are actually VERY easy to find in Afganistan
there the ones shooting at you
or trying to blow you up with an IED
or a genuine mine provided by Iran

Afganistan is where Al-quida and the Taliban are
and inch by inch, mile by mile were winning
the mission in Afganistan is a NATO lead operation aproved by the United Nations countries like Canada are there under the permission of the ligitimate Afgan government

The only country thats constantly bombing everything is America
the rest of us just go in and kill whoevers shooting at us

The mission needs more soliders on the front lines
they've asked and begged for them on multiple ocasions
yet the only countries that seem to be answering that call are canada, america, australia and the united kingdom other countries such as poland have a few there but the bulk comes from those four countries

while countries like france, germany, itaaly etc...
are ignoring us
they REFUSE to put there soliders where there needed
as a result the front lines are under manned
so its taking longer and its more dangerous

Canada has spent/announced close to 18billion
in 2006-2007 alone


there refusing which they do have every right to do
but you see NATO is a millitary alliance
if your constantly refusing to help
then your violating and nullifying that agreement
and should no longer be a part of it

and 0=
just some advice
but its better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and prove it true


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