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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post

thats one of the most obvious things ever.

"you shouldn't believe things that you haven't personally witnessed"

thats is an extremely true, and great quote. you shouldn't fully believe what you haven't personally seen, because how do you know that they aren't lies, oh wait, thats right, you don't!

i realize that you may TRY to use my own logic against me. go ahead. its true that i dont know anything besides my personal witnessing. either do you. either do ANY of you. the fact is, is that im using evidence that i have witnessed and i am using that to structure my argument.
I'm not stupid, obviously. I have defeated you countless times within the last 20 pages, yet you tend to think throwing childish insults at me constitutes as debating. I for one would hate to agree with your quote. It's narrow minded. If you were such a great "scientist and architect", you'd realize that without variation and questioning of substance answers would remain unanswered. I'm not using logic against you. You have no logic whatsoever! Also, you have not witnessed anything. There is no legit proof to us that you even have a friend that is gay and that he told you any of this or even if he is lying or being honest. I can guarantee you that you did not go through the scientific method fully. If you had, you'd have realized that you have no alternate observations, no strict regimen, etc. Thus, your experiment is literal shit and would be rejected!!

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