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The IRA were not a nice bunch of people by any stretch of the imagination. What they did in the 70's, 80's and 90's I wouldnt consider revolutionary. They were just being blatent terrorists. In 1997 a warning was given in Omagh that there was a bomb at one end of a street, naturally people went the other way, to what they thought was getting away from the bomb, in fact they walked right into it. 29 people killed.

Granted the scale of attacks are not on the same level as the likes of Al Qaeda, but at the heart of it they are the same. Brutal killers. The IRA do not represent the people of Ireland and the general view.

I am not saying Ireland should have been invaded, hell the Irish government were trying to stop them. There are more ways than invasion to stop terrorist.

France may be a nuclear power and all but that doesn't mean anything. Just because they are not fighting on the frone line, so to speak, what makes you think they are not helping in other regards? Intelliegence etc.

NATO is an alliance. Thats all it is. They are not a single country. What you are expecting is nearly on a scale of greater than organistions like the EU. The EU is basically a massive country, we have same currency etc. but we even dont have a defensive system. An EU army so to speak.

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