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Default Re: I can't believe this!!!

Originally Posted by Pechito View Post
im new, i might not be able to help you much but you have 2 options from past experience. option number one you can start having sex, sex increases your breast size but it also increases YOUR size as well( like your butt, hips, breast, etc). for example the first girl i ever had sex with was real skinny. in the beginning she was just my friend but after we started to have sex she started getting bigger. I remember she was 12 and had the biggest tits and best body i ever seen(i was 14). The problem is she ended being a hoe, she moved away and started doing it with a lot of guys and now shes fat and ugly. i don't recomend this unless you have a very, very close friend u can count on and also i dont want you to follow her path. the other option is to just wait. breast isnt everything. once you get older youll start seeing that looks is just the first thing people notice, the next thing they try to figure out is what kind of person you are. dont worry. be urself and enjoy your teen age. dont make mistakes that youll regret later on in life. hope i helped

how exactly does having sex effect breast size? i ask because i have never heard of that before.


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