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Thanks for the advice, but it's hard for me to find people I can really trust...
The people i truely trust have no idea about it. I have many sides of my personality, all of them contradicting each other... at school, with one group of friends, a rebel, a daring kid who absorbs pain, who attempts to succeed where no success is possible, where my true personality lies, but only show to some people... With another group, the comedian, a kid making jokes, finding flaws, part of myself that I love, and every body knows about... and at home, with family, just a normal kid, an average joe, living life...
I can hardly trust myself in making the right decisions, let alone trust someone else with my secrets... the secrets I share with others, they share with me... and cutting has never been a part of anyone I know, I am a loner... keeping my thoughts and realizations about myself to myself...
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