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Exclamation Why?

I'm so confused with myself. I've cut myself, just a few times, but the thing is that I have. I have no idea why I do it... I'm not depressed or anything, it sorta feels good, but I can't stand my lies. Every time, a new lie to cover up my knife marks, 'i got cut when I fell off my bike' "There was a nail sticking out of the wall and it cut me.."

I go to a private school where people joke about cutting themselves, but now that I've done it, every time i force myself to laugh at a joke, or agree with a statement, I'm lying to myself and my actions.

Someone please help me untangle this mess... I'm lost within myself, and trying to cut myself loose. Caught in the lies, forcing more cuts and even more lies. I think I'm getting addicted to cutting myself... Please help me!
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