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Default Re: Weirdest masturbating and puberty moments

Not about me but,
In a sex ed class in 7th grade, theres this short and somewhat fat kid in my class. and the teacher was talking about sex or something, dunno, but the kid just stuck his hand down his pants and started wanking in class! it was hilarious, he was just sitting there, concentrating on the 'verbal porn' from my teacher. I dont think he ever cummed though, but im glad because that would just be messed up...
One more: on outdoor ed earlier this year (8th grade) we were camping, and everyone was in groups for each tent. So a bunch of my friends and I got up after the teachers told us to go to sleep, and were walking around. And we went outside the fat kid's tent ^same as above^ and he was talking to these two nerds. and one of the nerds was like, to the fat kid, 'ill pay u five dollars to suck his [other nerd's] dick!' and we just started laughing.. a tad bit too loud.., and some guy yelled 'stop masturbating.' so the nerd was like, "I wasn't masturbating! I was just scratching my balls!" It was so funny.. but then one of the teachers woke up and got pissed -.-

--Worth it though
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